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Lee Moorton

I am from a background in Creative Development for the Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Programme where I wrote Groupwork treatments and designed intervention resources for frontline services. With a background in Creative professions, I.T Training, qualified in effective practice and experience delivering interventions in frontline services I have the perfect mix of skills to design these intervention Apps.


My first App is being piloted in Essex by the Youth Offending Service and I have further apps in various stages of planning. I would like this project to increase discussion about the use of technology in intervention work and help keep these products free so that it does not become a postcode lottery where only those living in areas with well funded services get access to the support these technologies can provide.


All my apps are designed as tools for professionals and not meant to used without proper training and understanding of the intervention process.

Intervention resource specialist.

I am available to speak about this technology at events please use the contact us page to get in touch.

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