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Intervention Apps

Free Tablet and Touchscreen Intervention resources.

Tablets and touchscreens are the new 21st Century preferred learning style of the modern generation. Imagine a digital touchscreen version of exercises used in Criminal Justice, Social Work, Housing, and many other Support Services. Many councils and institutions have begun purchasing and working with tablets already to meet the demands of their client group.

Restorative Justice
Restorative Justice
Restorative Justice App

Used by the Essex Youth Offending Service

Finalist 2016 at the National Restorative Practice Awards:


This App is for use in pairs with the perpetrator of a crime and their support worker.


The App is a tactile conversation starter for a full Restorative Justice intervention. The first exercise is an impact circle which allows the person who has a committed a crime to place tiles moving out from the centre and discuss who has been affected by their crime.


There is a help section which looks at all the different people who are affected by a crime with audio recordings for those who need literacy support. Every exercise in this App can be screen captured and sent either by email or secure cable transfer for upload to your organisations recording database.


This app is for Android tablets (not ipads) and not on the App store as it is only downloadable direct from this site - See Downloads page! 

Restorative Justice
Restorative Justice
Restorative Justice App


The next section allows the person who has committed a crime to drag and place the effects of that crime on the victim to many different areas of the victim’s life. Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Home and Family Life and the community.


The App then has a series of Q&A which are conversation starters around restorative justice in areas like; impact statements, letter writing, meeting your victim and reparation or community service.


Finally the App ends with interactive feedback for either the person who committed the crime or the worker which again can be uploaded or securely transferred for record keeping purposes. The App can function offline without requiring an internet connection so is also idea for home visits and remote areas where signal issues are a problem.


The RJ Victim App Trailer




News Feed

Update 20/09/16: App hits gold downloads target

Update 13/06/16: App Ranks Finalist in National Restorative Practice Awards

Update 17/12/15: Our Victim App goes free to play - Download free now!

Update 11/06/15: App online ready for download

Update 01/06/15: Feedback from young people on sessions with Essex YOS is proving to be very successful!

Update 25/05/15: Website goes live


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